Monday, March 30, 2015


Seriously though, the best.

My friend Katie loaned me this about a year ago and it sat on a table in my living room for a year. She loved it and said I needed to read it (she was right, but we'll get to that). I didn't have much time to read in 2014 (read: I didn't make it a priority) so for 2015 I added it as my pick for our church book club. I've had a bad habit of not reading the book club books and I'm trying to get better with that, plus it was MY pick! The other issue is that in the past when I've picked a book that I haven't read prior to picking it, well, it's flopped. So I was hopeful that this one would be better.

It was.

A lot.

Long story short, Jen Hatmaker is awesome and you should read it.

Okay, maybe a bit longer... Basically a few years ago Jen realized all the excess in her life and decided to do an experiment to alleviate some of this excess. She committed to seven months reducing (or changing) seven things in her life: food, clothing, media, possessions, waste, stress, and spending. These are things I think we can all relate to, so a bit more convicting than others.

I loved it from the first chapter: food. I was so inspired I decided to do try the food challenge for Holy Week. You can read more about that here (coming soon!).

Overall reading about her challenges and how she became a better person and a better Christian through this really inspired me. She is funny, witty, smart, and honest. I really can't say enough great things about how incredible this book is. Just go buy it. And read it. Now. Go on...look you can even click here and get it on Amazon!

I'm Baaaaaaaack!

It has been over two years since I posted and before that it was quite a bit longer since I was regularly blogging. Last week I started a new book, The Fringe Hours by Jessica N. Turner, and it has inspired me to get back to writing. It is something I love and I need to be doing the things that I love.

I'm also planning to move from Blogger to a custom domain in the coming month, so get ready for that!

Lots and lots has been happening and I'm going to try to catch up and what is going on now (because there's a lot!). When I do get all caught up I'm going to shoot for a schedule to post in hopes that I'll keep to it. Lots of things have changed so get ready!