Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tuesday: I Lied

Okay I am jumping ahead of myself, but to the ladies that happen to read my blog you will appreciate the jump. As for the title, last March or April I wrote a blog called My Life Is Complete: I Saw Harry Connick, Jr. Live. Apparently I was WRONG! My life is now complete and here is the story of how.

Many months back I was watching an interview with Harry (yes I speak of him like we're friends) and he mentioned that he was going back on Broadway in On a Clear Day You Can See Forever. He explained the plot, which sounded a bit crazy and said that it would open November 2011. This was sometime either just before the last time I went to NYC or just after we got back. I was pretty adamant that I NEEDED to go see this show.

As the months came and went I saw a few more interviews (and saw him live) and the dates changed and he said something about January 2012. When I started planning this trip that I'm on I actually thought about changing the dates just so I could see this show. Little did I know that life would hand me a favor.

A few weeks ago I got on Broadway Box to see what all was playing and such. They have a feature where you can search for discounts during the time you will be in NYC. I already had my plane booked and had decided that if I went to see shows I was going to see The Book of Mormon, because it won the Tony and looks hilarious, and Spiderman again because they have totally changed it since I saw it last December. I was glancing to see if they had discounts for either. What I happen to notice is that On a Clear Day is listed on the side. So, naturally, I click on it. Low and behold the show is opening in December, BUT previews opened November 12, the day after I was set to arrive.


To say I was pumped was an understatement. I actually put off buying a ticket until last night and was slightly terrified that I wouldn't get one. Well I did. And I got it for an amazing price.

So tonight off I head to the theatre district. I feel pretty darn confident with the subways (still a bit sketchy on the buses, but we'll get to that story later). Before I left Whitney told me to take an umbrella as it had started to rain. Want to know when I remembered that tidbit? As I walked outside her building. I'm not so fond of those steps back up, so I figured I would just deal with it and be fine. I was, for two blocks. Then I dodged in and bought an umbrella. It wasn't really raining that hard, but I have naturally curly hair, which I am currently wearing straight, and figured I didn't really want to test fate.

Armed with my umbrella I head to the subway station. I managed just fine and popped out on Broadway and 43rd street. After going the wrong direction the first time I head back the right way and pick up my ticket. Row K, Seat 111. Want to know what that translates to? Eleven rows back, dead center. Love it!

The show starts and here appears Harry. I do love him, I really do. If he would just ditch his supermodel wife we could really live happily ever after! He sounded amazing and looked amazing. I won't give away the whole plot to the movie, but the storyline follows a therapist (Harry) who starts doing hypnosis on a patient (cute guy named David) who happens to be gay. During the hypnosis process Harry's character,Mark, meets Melinda, the woman that David was in a previous life. Mark then, of course, falls in love with Melinda. (His wife had died a few years earlier and he hadn't really dealt with it.) All kinds of craziness and singing and dancing ensues from there. It was set in 1974 so the costumes were very bright and very seventies. It was a phenomenal show.

Now you are not supposed to take pictures in the theater, but for goodness sakes I was eleven rows from Harry! I broke the rules:

I was worried that I would miss the beginning of the show, so I didn't do all my standard tourist pictures until after:

I then noticed a line forming by one of the doors. I knew what that meant: the cast was coming out. Would I get to see Harry up close?

First out was the guy who played David, whose name was also David. Sweet guy and very humble. He signed autographs and took pictures with people:

And then...HARRY!!!

I didn't get too close for fear of getting arrested when I touched him the way I wanted too. ;) However I was in fact close enough to touch him. Oh and close enough to get this:

That would be a Harry autograph. And I am holding something that he touched. Be still my heart.

And you might ask, what does one Mr. Harry Connick, Jr. drive (or is driven in)?

An F150 from Massachusetts. Geez, I love him.

So eat your heart out ladies. That was my Tuesday night. I love this city. I love that man. And I'll try to catch everything else of the trip up tomorrow! I just couldn't resist this one!

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