What I Have Read

I looooove to read, but for a few years I got out of the habit because of a crazy work and life schedule. I discovered the awesome-ness of audio books which helps a lot on my long work road trips, but I've tried to get back into 'reading with my eyes' too. I'll keep you posted with reviews and insights on what I read here.
Just Finished!

This book was a game changer. You can read more about why I loved it here and how I tried to do it here (I'm in the middle of that so coming soon too!).

This is our book club book for April and I got ahead! It was amazing :) I listened to this one and you can find out what I thought here (coming soon!).
Past Reads
Love, love, loved it! Read why here.

This should hardly count because I didn't finish it and here's why.

Never did I ever expect to like this series, but I did and here's why!

Super cute! Read what I thought about it here.

It was for class, but was actually good. Check out the review here.

See the Review Here!

See the Review Here!

See the Review Here

Chick Lit!
Emily Giffin:

Love, love, loved this book...and it is becoming a movie and will be out May 7!
I hate to admit it because I didn't like the character, but I loved this one more!
This one hit a little too close to home...
This one made me angry (see this post)

Kim Gruenenfelder:
Usually I like my books to be set in NYC, but this LA girl makes the book fun with lots of advice throughout
My friend Brianne didn't like the ending of this one, but I actually did
This one leaves you wanting more!
James Patterson:
I only read this because there was a movie coming out, but I'm surprised because it has Tiffany's in the title.
Not too bad, but not what I expected from James Patterson
Non Fiction:
Completely and utterly life altering
Started it in summer 2009, finished it because of book club last fall
Another life altering book (plus my copy is signed by Leigh Anne!)
Cute and fun, my plane reading
I was buying There's Cake In My Future, but it was buy one get one 50% off so I grabbed this, and read it in one night.