Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Life is Complete: I Saw Harry Connick, Jr. Live

Yes I said it, my life is now complete. Harry Connick, Jr. has been one of my favorites for almost as long as I can remember. My best friend Crystal was in winterguard and their routine our sophomore year was to Just Kiss Me (I fell head over heels then, hence my ou email address: kissme@ou.edu). My senior year my music teacher (and super close friend now) Lisa went to see him and had drinks with the man (I still hate her for that one). Needless to say if I found out that he was coming anywhere close to me I wanted to go.

Well it happened! One of my facebook friends posted asking when the Lady Antebellum was playing at Winstar (the casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma, which would be at mile marker 1 on the Oklahoma/Texas border, if you've never heard of it). I was curious so I hopped on the Winstar website and there it was:

Harry Connick, Jr. in Concert Friday, March 25

I immediately called my mom and explained that I would never ask for anything again if we could go to this (because I am beyond broke, and yeah anyone who knows me knows this is a ridiculous claim, but hey :)). Later the next week she calls back and says she has tickets!


So we get there and he opened with The Way You Look Tonight. I was in heaven, seriously. He played all my favorites (except Just Kiss Me and Jill, the song he wrote for his wife). The first half of the show was more the Frank Sinatra/Tony Bennett type of music and the second half was New Orleans jazz. It was amazing!

And he is FUNNY! Here are some comments (paraphrased of course):
  • Thackerville, it sounds better the drunker you are
  • My iphone doesn't know where we are
  • I saw all these other artists that played here, Snoop Dog, Tim McGraw, I have a new found respect for them, since we are in the middle of nowhere
  • Thank you for coming to the show tonight, I know you all must have driven some distance because there is nothing here
The show was amazing, if I haven't already mentioned that. And it was over around 10:30. I got back to Norman at 5:00 am. And I didn't drink. Or go out.

My mom and I got back to her car and it would not start, I mean NOTHING. Not even a little turn over. We thought it was maybe a dead battery, but we had the security guards at Winstar try to jump it and the battery was fine. We were finally forced to call a tow truck, from Ardmore, and wait to have it towed to the mechanic's. We had to pick up my car from the Sperrys' and then I had to take her home, then back to Norman.

The concert was amazing, the hours that followed, not so much, but still well worth it!

Note to future husband: If you really love me you will figure out a way for Harry to play at our wedding reception!

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