Friday, July 8, 2011

Do You Want Mustard With That?

Correct answer: no! Well at least as far as the pool is concerned.

Last week I noticed there was some algae on the sides of the pool. I figured it was just time to clean the filter, because I hadn't actually done that this year. Surprisingly the filter cleaning went quite well, as opposed to the battle it was last year. I figured a few days later it would be clean and good to go. However over the weekend I noticed that there was still some algae. My next guess was that the chlorine needed to be bumped up because Oklahoma has turned into Death Valley with the temperature hanging out around 107 every day, so I dumped the rest of the chlorine sticks into the skimmer and figured I would be good.

Come Tuesday the pool still had this annoying algae. I really intended to run by Thompson's after work, but got convinced into going to Pita Pit and Passionberri with my wonderful friends Courtney and Stephanie (totally worth it). So Wednesday I come home and get a water sample and head across town. I explained situation with the algae and that I thought it was just dirt until I noticed that there was some on the sides of the pool. I was asked if when I brushed the pool if the algae went away, but then came right back to the same place and the water was still clear. I said, well actually that's exactly right. I was diagnosed with mustard algae. I was sent home with a bottle of Banish and orders to brush the pool, put in all the Banish plus four bags of shock.

I am a very good directions follower. I came home and did exactly what I was told (after slightly fighting with the pump to come on and stay on, still not sure what's going on with that.). Fast forward to Thursday and I have a pool that seems to be algae free, but a little dirty and quite cloudy. In went the proper dosage of PolySheen (highly concentrated clarifier).

Today it looks a little bit clearer, but still a bit cloudy. I took a sample in and was declared algae free! Apparently this mustard algae zaps the chlorine and I had wonderful chlorine saturation in my sample. I asked if cleaning the filter again just in case would be a good idea (it is), so tomorrow (or maybe tonight if I get motivated) I will vacuum the dead algae, dirt and other normal crap from the week, backwash and clean the filter. From there within 24 hours I should have a perfect pool again.

I am an Algae Killing Machine!

This is what mustard algae looks like if you wondered (though not from my pool):

PS - If you wondered, this is my 200th blog post!

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