Thursday, February 3, 2011

Some Observations This Week

Totally random, but I haven't blogged in forever and these things have been on my mind:

  • Some people really need to lose my phone number (and any other means by which to contact me for that matter)
  • Good guys always finish last (and I will admit I place them there too...drat)
  • Even with recent happenings I still feel that I have a great judge of character
  • Snow is only okay if there are skis on my feet and a lodge with a warm fire, hot tub, wine and hot chocolate close
  • I thought I wanted to be on bedrest for an extended period of time at some point in my life (and I would be okay with it); after being snowed in for two days I have changed my mind
  • I like guns
  • I like really powerful guns
  • I am a REALLY good shot (watch out)
  • I am about to have my concealed carry permit (when I get the pictures I will do a whole post on the class)
  • I hate when you never notice something and then once you associate it with someone you see it EVERYWHERE
  • You really can totally get over something, without even realizing it; one day you just wake up and realize that you don't care anymore
  • I know who my real friends are
  • People eventually show their true colors
  • You never know where you might find a best friend
  • Sometimes I take on extra work just because I know it will be good for me
  • Horses should not be allowed in the house
  • I can't think of anyone I would want to be snowed in with right now
  • A lot of people really annoy me
  • I spend way too much time on facebook
  • I cleaned out my personal email on Tuesday and if I had a dollar for every facebook email I deleted I would be on a vacation in Hawaii right now
  • Regardless of a previous comment I really want to snuggle right now
  • I'm sick of my house
  • I want my house to clean itself (they make self cleaning ovens, why not self cleaning houses???)
  • I'm ready for summer
  • And all the work that is coming with the pool
  • I really want to go to the lake
  • I really want to go to the beach
Okay that's about all for now. Can you tell that I'm bored? Yeah I'm tired of the snow! :)

I missed some:
  • Women (in particular) have an inexplicable desire to bake when snowed in
  • I can turn queso into very yummy taco soup (I shall call the new recipe "Queso Soup")
  • I learned a bunch about where you can take a gun (legally), who can have a gun and VPOs
  • I purged my facebook of people that I don't know
  • Do not add me on facebook if I don't know you

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