Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas in NYC: The Wrap Up

Okay here is the end of the story of the Christmas adventure in NYC.

It snowed a WHOLE lot in NYC. The first day of it (Sunday) we ventured out to the Olympic Diner for breakfast and made the decision that site seeing was out of the question, so we would see shows. (I probably already mentioned this.) We then went back to the hotel to get online for tickets. That was when we put the news on. I made a comment on my facebook about the drivers in NYC versus the drivers in Oklahoma. I didn't see all that much of a difference. The part that got me was when Mayor Bloomberg did his address to the city saying that they were cleaning things up as fast as they could. Fine, worked for me. Then all the reports of people complaining started to come in. They started clearing the main roads first (as they should) and did not get to all the side roads. You know what...there was A LOT OF SNOW! I mean a lot. It was the sixth worst blizzard in NYC history. What did they expect? That they could miraculously clear everything with a poof? It was ridiculous. I guess people are people wherever they are and they want what is most important to them and don't care anything about anyone else. 'Tis the nature of the human race!

Chris declared at church today that he wanted to know where I would be spending Christmas next year because he was staying away. Apparently he thinks that being snowed in follows me or something. Good grief, you get snowed in two years in a row and people start talking! I told him Hawaii next year; he said that I would be banned from the state after the first blizzard came through!

I really can't think of anywhere besides NYC that I would ever want to be snowed in at. I got two extra days, got to see some awesome shows (including Spider-Man!). It did make my overall vacation feel a little short and I missed hanging out with two of my favorites in Ardmore and watching the girls play basketball, but overall, after I started to feel better (I feel responsible for the snow storm because I was so mad about being sick while in NYC I had a little temper tantrum and I think God pitied me) it was a great trip. I've been back in Oklahoma four days and I'm ready to go back!

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