Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Story of the Filter...Part Two

The first pool cleaning was April 30. Around the end of June the pool wasn't back washing like I felt it should have. I go into Thompson's and Zac asks when I last cleaned the filter, which I rattle off April 30 (my memory is too good sometimes), about 8 weeks before, so he says it's probably time to clean it. I ask if I will need to bring it in, he says no, I should be good doing it on my own. My darling friends Kimberly and Allyson came over for a girls' afternoon and we swam and chatted (in a greenish, algae covered pool). After they left I set out to clean the filter. I go to my (oh so messy) garage and find my ratchet set. I manage to get the bolt off without needing my fabulous bolt cutters. What I learn from this is experience is this: BACKWASH FIRST!!!!!!!! I had to tug and use every ounce of muscle I had to get that thing out. When I did I couldn't move it to the concrete, thus it stayed on the side of the house and I hauled the hose around the corner and just washed it there. I put it all back together and run the filter again...MAGIC! Worked like a charm! I think at this point that I have this mess down! :)

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