Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's Football Time in Oklahoma!

That it is! As we sit I have currently attended 6 football games already:
2 5 year old games
1 10 year old game
1 7th grade game
1 Norman North game
1 OU game

The five year olds are just about the cutest thing ever:

Really...is that not the cutest thing EVER? I am thoroughly enjoying watching the boys play, however I fell in love with the ADORABLE little cheerleaders at Baley's game tonight! That is MY kind of football! Here are my precious boys, both of who's faces lit up when they saw I had been at their games:

For the Norman North/Norman High game. Well I didn't like the outcome, but more importantly I did not like the attire of the kids! I am an old fuddy-duddy apparently, but I would have grounded the vast majority of those children! I'm hoping this was just because it was the North/High game, but the girls all had on athletic striped shorts, knee high socks, and torn tshirts with some North slogan on them. A lot of them also had bandannas on their heads. I don't really have words on this.

Onto OU football! The game was not exactly, well, pretty. It was exciting to see the new video though!

They honored the 2000 National Championship team at halftime!

And for the fun part of the day. For those that have heard the drama that I shall not mention I ended up with four more tickets this season. I sold my original pair, with the REALLY annoying people surrounding me, leaving me with half of a foursome. The other half of the foursome was sold to my beautiful friend Kara and her brother.

The negative of the new tickets, or maybe the bonus, is that we are FORTUNATE enough to have a member of the coaching staff sitting right behind us! What are the odds? This IDIOT complained the entire game, loudly, with comments such as "Oklahoma sucks'" as well as complaining about every play, every player, and pretty much anything else that he could think of. We have a running pole between Kara, Kris and I about how many games it's going to take before one of us (more than likely me) turns around and tells him to shut up.

I guess I shouldn't complain, it was just one guy, which is a VAST improvement over the others that I used to sit around, plus I am bound to have allies! For this game my guest of the week was my wonderful, fun, college friend Adrienne. We tailgated, we drank, we planned to leave after halftime when we were blowing them out. Well, that didn't exactly happen. We went back up after the half, planning to stay through the third quarter, assuming we would finally start blowing them out. Needless to say, if you watched the game, we did not even discuss leaving.

Overall it was a really fun day. There were some frustrations earlier in the day that ended up with a really good surprise before the game! (Maybe more on that later, maybe not!) We ended the evening eating and drinking at Othello's. I won't lie I'm a little nervous about this Saturday and Florida State. Say a little prayer this week for the Sooners!

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