Saturday, September 11, 2010

That's More Like It!

It was another game day in Norman, Oklahoma! My friend Stephanie from work went with me and I was a very bad influence on her! She lives a few blocks from Campus Corner so I met her and her house and we walked to the game. On the way to her house I saw this sign, which pretty much explains the attitude of Norman, Oklahoma:

We had a little issue when we attempted to get through the gates. Stephanie had a "fanny pack" which for some reason are banned from the stadium. I think she was ready to chunk the thing, but in my sneakiness we managed to get it in. I don't really understand why this particular form of baggage is banned from the stadium, but sure enough on the back of the ticket it says no fanny packs. Hmmm...

We make it in and to our seats. I was glad to see that "Coach" from last week is a season ticket holder. I snuck a picture and this is him (if he's related to you, well I'm sorry!).

The Coach was actually pretty quiet during the game. Or the stadium was so loud that we couldn't hear him. We did have four FSU fans in front of us that were mildly obnoxious, however they shut up for awhile and then got really obnoxious for being angry about them not so winning. Overall it was a great game. I wore a very cute red dress, because it was going to be hot. I did not, however, wear sunscreen, thus I ended up redder than the dress. I spent all summer avoiding tan lines and got them today. I tried to take a picture that wasn't obscene to show the vast difference in color of my skin. The good news, though, I was totally in OU spirit and I, myself, was Crimson and Cream!

One of my high school friends posted some "observations" about Game Day attire after last week's game. I have two to add, only one of which I got pictures of.

1. The strapless, tshirt dresses that all the sorority girls are wearing, can be cute on some of them, however the dress was NOT cute on the 65+ year old woman in the Pita Pit! She matched her granddaughter! (insert aaaawwwwww!) She had a white sweater draped over her shoulders (imagine the stereotypical "preppy" lady) It was not good, in no way, shape or form!

2. The sleeveless, tight fitting jersey or shirt on men over the age of 50. I see this A LOT at the OU games. It is wrong. That is all. The guy next to me not only had the sleeveless, tight fitting jersey, he went two better: white polyester pants and red and white Pumas! Wow

At the end of the game I glanced over to section 24 to my other seats (that I sold, but sat in for four years). I saw the people that I sat around. I don't miss them. I will take the "Coach" over those people any day! I missed one photo from last week. This is the back of a shirt that was in front of us. I love the phrase!

We won 47-17, though they really should not have let FSU score that last touchdown.

Some funnies of the day:

  • there was a cop that came up through our section, he was looking for a man whose wife had lost him, he left, we assumed they found him. a bit later two cops come through our section, still looking for him. I would put money that he sleeps on the couch tonight!
  • Poor Stephanie, when the two cops were coming up the steps I told her they were coming for her fanny pack! She panicked!
  • I corrupted poor Stephanie: After the game we went to old O'Connell's and got a beer, Stephanie asked if we could walk around with it, I said yes, then we jaywalked, so overall she snuck in a banned fanny pack, walked around with an open container and on the wild side! :)
I forgot my camera so I just had my phone. Due to the horrible heat and sunburn I did not allow for any photos of myself after the game started. Stephanie brought hers and we have a pic from before the game, prior to my baking!

All in all a pretty darn good Game Day! :)

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