Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Birthday JJ!

Today is my most favorite July 2010 baby's first birthday! Jordan James Parker entered the world one year ago today to his very loving parents (and my wonderful friends) Ashley and Valerie.

I absolutely adore this cute little family. They are some of the most wonderful, kindest people you will ever meet and love that little boy very, very much. We became quick friends and our favorite activity is dancing during the closing song at church every Sunday. No one has a prayer to hold that little rug rat during the last song because Aunt Wennie steals him every time!

Now onto the fun part about the first!

Aunt Wennie meeting JJ for the first time

Newborn pictures with the blankie I made him

His first I Heart NY shirt, compliments of Aunt Wennie getting stuck in NYC at Christmas

Happy birthday Jordan James Parker! Aunt Wennie loves you very, very much!

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