Saturday, November 19, 2011

Friday: Crazy Tourist

While I did spend my week going to all these fun places that I see and hear about so much, Friday I went crazy tourist. I had a long list of sites I still wanted to see.

First stop of the day was to have breakfast...

Yeah I went there: danish and coffee at Tiffany's Holly Golightly style. In the four days since I had been there they had also started decorating for Christmas.

I then wanted to head downtown to find another landmark. The problem was that my directions said to get on the subway at 59th and 5th, yet no matter how hard I looked I couldn't find it. I finally, out of being cold, gave up and headed down 5th hoping that my GPS would find a different route. Luckily it did.

Here is where I went next:

Know what that is? Yup! The stoop from Sex and the City. This is located at 66 Perry in Greenwich Village. According to the show Carrie lives on the Upper West Side, 245 E. 73rd to be exact. That address, however, was completely fictional and actually looks like this:

Smack dab in the middle of 2nd Avenue.

I checked out another SATC landmark, the Magnolia Bakery.

I then hopped on the subway and headed way uptown to one of my favorite places in the city: Columbia University.

I then headed back towards the park for a last visit to Gray's Papaya and a few places in the park. First stop was Belvedere Castle, the highest point in the park and where they do the weather reports.

Then I was determined to find the Alice and Wonderland statue. I don't know why this is always so hard for me to find, but it always seems to escape me.

By this time it was time to head back to the apartment to pack up and get ready to leave. On the way, however, there was still one last site to see: Holly Golightly's apartment building.

I got all packed up and ready and headed back to Penn Station to head back to Newark. I am all over running around the city, but I am not all about doing it with a huge suitcase, a bag and a purse.

The flight was really long and was delayed because they couldn't find a cleaning crew for the plane. The flight next to my gate was offering people a $500 voucher and a hotel to wait until the morning to fly. Unfortunately they were going to Detroit. Our OKC flight had plenty of room. We didn't get off the ground until around 9:00 local time and returned to OKC around 11:25 pm. I did most of my blogging narrative in the airport and on the phone, hence me being all ready to post today!

I do so love New York. I can't really explain how I feel about it in words. It is so strange to me to feel so at home somewhere that I've never lived. I'll own it, I cried on the plane as I was leaving. Now I'm back home and back to my normal life. I just have to figure out the next time I'm going and I'll start counting down again!

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