Saturday, November 19, 2011

Monday: I Heart NY

To say that I slept in out of ridiculous exhaustion Monday is an understatement. I finally woke up and knew exactly what my first stop would be and I knew that the M72 would take me right to it. The problem was that I had an empty Metrocard and no change, thus I needed to make a trip to a subway station to fill my Metrocard.

The closest subway station was at 77th and Lexington: three and a half long blocks and four short blocks. I fully intended to head there and then walk back to 72nd and York to catch the bus. Again, best laid plans. When I got done with my new, and full, Metrocard I realized I was really close to another landmark that I was interested in seeing: the New York Junior League headquarters at 80th between Madison and Park. So off I went.

It was fabulous, not that I expected much else.

From there I was only a block or so from the park, so why not just head that way, it would get me to my intended destination.

Again, Google maps on my phone became my best friend because the park is confusing! While looking for what I wanted to be my first “official” stop I did manage to get several gorgeous fall park pictures.

Then, after missing it once, I managed to get where I wanted to be:

The Imagine Mosaic in Strawberry Fields: the memorial to John Lennon. This is part of my New York obsession. I love that song, that word, everything about it. (note to future husband: this is where I want to be proposed to!)

After a nice little trip around Strawberry Fields and lots of pictures I snapped one of the Dakota (where John Lennon lived and was killed) and headed to my next destination: Gray’s Papaya. This was featured in one of my favorite New York movies that actually does not take place in New York: Fools Rush In.

I’m not a big hot dog fan, but these were incredible.

I then meandered through the Upper West Side and back into the park. I found Tavern on the Green, now the visitor center. Then had a Serendipity moment:

Found the zoo.

Then wandered around taking a lot more pictures (all of which are public on my facebook profile for your viewing pleasure).

I went through Columbus Circle and over to Lincoln Center, then decided to have a Sex and the City moment:

Yes, Manolo Blahnik. Be still my heart.

I wandered across 54th and then up 5th to 5th and 57th, also known as Mecca, or Tiffany and Company to most.

Next on the agenda was something sweet, but of course, this came first:
 And then…

Though some people don’t understand the idea of “frozen” hot chocolate I love it. I decided that I needed some food first, so I ordered a “high heel pump” which was amazing.

And then it was dessert time.

Worth. Every. Calorie.

I didn’t really intend to not take public transportation, but I guess I subconsciously was still a bit flustered from the night before.

After a trip through Dylan’s Candy Bar and what I’m sure was to be a sugar coma I headed back to Whitney’s for a nice low key evening. I made a few reservations for things that night, but you have to wait and see what!

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