Sunday, May 13, 2012

Back in the Swing of Things

Okay it has been a minute (or a month) since last I blogged. One might have thought I gone blown away with the tornado from the last post, but I didn't. Instead I have been fighting with a fun (I use that term extremely sarcastically) home improvement project (or ten) that have thrown me into a nervous breakdown (or several), plus school wrapping up, plus Junior League, plus CrossTimbers, plus juggling that thing I call a social life. Enough for excuses, I'm back! In the meantime of regular blogging I have redecorated my living room, started on the kitchen, and have decided to mix up the bedrooms, plus work on the pool (we'll get to all of that soon, I promise, the stories are way too crazy not to share). I also graduated with my Masters! (insert screaming, laughing, crying and a huge sense of relief) I'll also get to that. So all of this being said, get ready blog world, there is a log of blogging coming up at Little Black Dresses and Pearls, so stay tuned!

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