Sunday, May 13, 2012

Declaring for the Draft

Okay not REALLY, but that's kind of what I feel like this post is. Three years ago (and a few weeks) I was engaged and planning a wedding that was doomed from the beginning. That came crashing down around me. I spent the first six months or so wishing, hoping, and praying we would get back together. Then I started grad school, which became the major fixation of my life along with CrossTimbers and Junior League. Now grad school is over (or at least for the summer before I start on LPC classes in the fall) and if feels like something changed yesterday. Yes I realize this sounds crazy. Mom and I went to the designer show home, like we do every year, and it was in Heritage Hills, by St. Luke's UMC, while driving back I detoured around all these fun places in OKC (yes there are fun places in OKC, I just choose to ignore them and stay in my Norman bubble) and all I could think about was "oh that would be a neat place for a date".

Damn it.

So, that being said, I am declaring myself for the dating draft. I have been out a few times over the last two and a half years with little success, but the timing was wrong and I didn't have the time for it. Right this second I don't really have the time for it either, but this summer JL is on hiatus, school is on hiatus, and CT will slow down some. My plan is to lounge in the pool and read a lot, and with that maybe, just maybe, I could go out with cute boys.

Here is where you, loyal readers, come in. I am thirty and have forgotten how to date. Yes, yes, it has been a very long time since I was out there meeting boys. Under absolutely NO circumstances will I do the online dating thing. Yes, yes, I know there are tons of people that do this, and do it successfully, but I am not one of them. Pretty sure God is well aware of this unwavering fact and I will happily die alone in my fabulous new living room before I join eharmony or I don't particularly care for anything super serious, just fun dates, NO DRAMA ALLOWED.

So friends, bring on the boys. I prefer they to not be creepy, no active (or past) VPOs, no girlfriends, fiances or wives, I do my research (OSCN is my friend), but I am actually for the first time, in some time, not entirely opposed to the idea of dating...ugh. I guess if I want to get married and have kids dating is kind of a requirement at some point.

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