Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hunger Games

I was not supposed to like these books, at all. In fact I only read them because my youth group kids were so excited about them and the movie was coming out. When Kali said they were about kids killing each other I truly wanted nothing to do with them, but wanted to know what the kids were reading, so I grabbed the first one and took it on vacation with me. I also saw a youth group series that a friend of mine was doing called the Hunger and Thirst Games and it was kind of necessary to read the books so I knew what the heck the series was talking about.

It took the first section before I got hooked and then I couldn't put it down. The same followed with the second one and not as much with the third, but I had to know how it ended. After reading all three and watching the first movie, which I hear the screenplay was written by Suzanne Collins, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed them. I have a political science degree, though I forget, so the political chaos that runs through the book got me. I also have a natural rebellious spirit, so that kind of grabbed me too. And who doesn't love a love triangle? It was interesting, I must say, that I read these as I finished rewatching Dawson's Creek (the complete series) and some of the parallels between the characters in both with people in my own life. Kind of gave me some closure actually. Very interesting.

The three books are easy reads (literally two days max for each). I enjoyed the second one the best. The ending was pretty much what I expected. I am super excited for the next two movies because I think they are great accompaniments to the books. Overall, go read them and learn what the hype is about!

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