Monday, November 1, 2010

Thirty in Thirty

Okay new inspiration to blog! For the month of November I am going to write about my friends. Well not everyone may be a friend, some may be inspirational people in my life, who I might not consider to be a friend, but who have shaped who I am. All of these people have played a crucial part in my life. I'm pretty sure that I can come up with way more than thirty, but we're going to start there. I don't really have a plan for this; meaning I don't have a list. I'm just going to start today and go. I will not focus on the negative of anyone in this, only the way that they positively influenced me. There may be a little negative there, but there will always be a positive outcome! No slamming of people here!

The kicker is that I'm not using names! :) Much like Day One of Ten Days I'm just going to write about them and let you, the reader, see if you can figure out who they are. I will not confirm or deny publicly though, so don't bother commenting on them. I will try to post every day, but it may not happen (stupid school! :)), but I promise there will be thirty posts. :)

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