Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas in NYC: Blizzard 2010

I was under the impression that when it snowed in NYC it was so hot and busy that the snow would melt when it hit the ground. For so many years I was almost sad for the people that lived in the city because they never got snow. Well you know what?

I was WRONG!!!!!!


According to the estimated snowfall is at 12.8 inches right now. Good grief! I don't particularly care for snow, especially after the Christmas that did not happen last year.

We got up today and it was snowing, so we headed to the Olympic Diner around the corner (snow is much prettier when you are watching it from the inside). The plan for the day WAS to maybe go to Serendipity, Macy's and Grand Central Station. Quickly the reality came that this was not probable. I suggested we just go to shows all day. I wanted to see Spiderman and my mom wanted to see the Fantasticks. I tried to order tickets on my phone, but that didn't work, so we trucked it back to the hotel to get on the computer. I couldn't get both tickets and the Spiderman tickets were over $150 each (I guess for liability insurance? if you don't get that google Spiderman the Musical and read :)). I found half priced tickets to the Fantasticks at 7:30, but was bound and determined to find another show because I didn't come to NYC to sit in a hotel and it was too cold outside to do anything else! I searched every show I could think of and we finally pulled out the Playbill from Promises, Promises and just stated searching shows.

We ended up at Miss Abigail's Guide to Dating, Mating and Marriage staring Eve Plumb from The Brady Bunch. Before the show this is what the snow looked like:

So we go to the show. It was in the basement of a hotel. We thought we were going to be the only people in the audience, but it ended up us and five others! We were on the front row. It was a cute show! The theater was really cute too, because it was small and intimate.

After the show this is what we saw:

We shopped and headed to the Fantasticks. It was another small theater and we had front row seats again (I am good!). It was an, interesting, show, to say the least. I didn't know much, well anything, about it and it certainly wasn't what I expected, however the narrator was HOT, so it was all good!

When we got done with that show this is what we saw:

We had pizza again because our favorite pizza shop was right across the street and we were only a block and a half from our hotel. On the way back we saw what I think was a first for a lot of New Yorkers, a snowman in Times Square.

Good grief! We are scheduled to fly out at 6:50 Monday evening. We'll see if that happens...

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