Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas in NYC: Day 2

The day started with a lot of sleeping. We were tired from yesterday! When we did roll out of bed we were hungry and headed to our favorite pizza place on Broadway:

Famous Famiglia Pizzaria at Broadway and 50th

After lunch we wandered down towards Rockefeller Center. I'm not going to post all the pictures from this, so check my facebook for all the pics! I will give you two though: The Christmas Ornaments at Rockefeller and a pretty one of St. Patrick's!

Highlights of 50th and Fifth Avenue: we went in a cute little shop with blown glass and these cool wooden boxes and puzzles: Mom broke an ornament. I love Fifth Avenue. It makes me happy.

While around Rockefeller there were tons of these:

Vacuum-sealed children! I know it is to keep them warm, but it looks really funny.
Then we went to the best place ever:

There was a purchase made. I'll share that later though. Tiffany is so pretty, especially at Christmas. Amazingly everything is decorated in robin's egg blue!

We left there and went to Chanel and Burbury, so I could drool. Then onto the Plaza, where we did not tea (wow, that was expensive!) We then headed back to the hotel to change clothes for Christmas Eve service.

We attended service at John Street Methodist Church at 44 John Street a few blocks from Ground Zero.

It was traditional, which I thought was my preference. Okay I missed CrossTimbers! John Street was awesome, but it was not my church. So Chris Dodson, if you are reading this I guess I have been transformed to a "contemporary church" person. Oh well, there are worse things in the world!

After church we ate at Roxy's a few doors down. It was a nice diner. We stopped back by Ground Zero. It is amazing the difference between that and the site of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. I don't know if this is good or bad, but it just seemed like another place they were doing construction. My thought is that it is a good thing because it shows that the terrorists didn't win and life goes on. Of course I think that we need to remember all the firefighters, police and others that perished in 9-11, but I think there is a lot of hope the way it is.

We got back on the subway and headed back uptown to see the snowflakes at Saks Fifth Avenue. I videoed it, but the file is huge so it won't let me post it here, plus it sideways. I wasn't sure if it would have sound or not, so I did half on it and half on my phone, but the camera worked better. We're going to go back tomorrow, so I can get a good video of it.

That is all for today. More to come tomorrow!

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