Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas in NYC: Bronchitis

I mentioned earlier in the posts that I had started to get sick, well it came to a head on Christmas. I was SO sick yesterday! I coughed and coughed and my throat was killing me. Overall no bueno. I hurt so much last night that as we were walking to dinner I almost cried. This morning I got mad because I so hate being sick on vacation. Overall there has really only been one really bad day of being sick, which was yesterday, but we did get to see the Rockettes, however that was the extent of the day (besides scones and hot chocolate at Au Bon), oh and the cute boy at the corner grocery store. :)

I learned about creating my own humidifier last night: shutting the door to the bathroom and turning the water on at 130 degrees. I did this before bed and twice in the middle of the night. Finally I was able to actually sleep. This may just be the last trip I make in the winter; my body just can't handle it!

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