Friday, June 3, 2011

Holly Would Dream

I am so excited to be at a break from school and be able to read for fun again. I read through school, but not nearly as much I would have liked to. I have rediscovered my bathtub and I am patiently waiting for the new pool liner to be installed so I can float and tan and read; that is pure heaven on earth.

I just finished Holly Would Dream. I randomly found this when I was with Haley and Brennan at Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago. Haley was buying a graduation gift for one of their roommates and as she was picking it up I happened upon this book on the bargain rack for $5. The title intrigued me and frankly anything that has a basis around Audrey Hepburn and is set in NYC (and then on a cruise in the Mediterranean) is going to appeal to me.

Honestly I really did enjoy this book. It was a little over 400 pages, but the chapters were pretty short, so it was good for quick reading sessions and overall read pretty quickly. I read it in about two and a half weeks and that included being in Ardmore for two days, sleeping for an entire day (literally until 6:00 pm last Saturday!) and being at UMC Annual Conference for four days.

The story, once you got the general jest of it, was pretty predictable. I don't really like surprises so that was pretty much okay with me. I generally read books that could happen and this one was completely unrealistic, however I did like the story. There was a pretty racy chapter that rivaled Whitney at Fairytale Beginning (but I honestly think Whitney's descriptions are better, probably because they are true!).

Overall I would recommend reading it, however I have several books I would recommend over it.

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