Monday, October 25, 2010

An Affair of the Heart

This past weekend was An Affair of the Heart. If you are not from Oklahoma I will explain what AAOTH is. Basically it is a giant craft show. It takes up all the buildings on the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds. I learned many lessons this year from AAOTH.

1. You will spend money that you don't need to spend.

2. Don't wear ballet flats.

3. The second pair of "comfortable" ballet flats that you pack in your purse are still not acceptable.

4. Don't wear Ugg-like boots either.

5. Before I have a child (or tomorrow :)) I need to purchase an embroidery machine. It will end up better than free! At $29.95 for a onesie with a cute saying on it (that I could do if I had a machine) it will pay for itself many times over. (I did come home and price them and they are not nearly as bad as I thought!)

Here are the fun things that I bought (not all of them, just the fun ones!)

Isn't it the truth? I hadn't seen this quote before and loved it! It will go great in my bathroom when I redecorate it!

I love these. I always have and Imagine is my favorite word. I did not buy the mat to go with it because I am going to do a different technique (that I saw at another craft show!), so I'll post when I do that. :)

They also had a TON of people with hot tea, coffee and hot chocolate. That was apparently the "thing" this year. I got cinnamon chocolate coffee, Mexican hot chocolate and white hot chocolate! This ALMOST makes me ready for cold weather! I also got a really cute scarf to go with my coats, so maybe I'm ready for winter and the holiday season.

Overall it was a really fun weekend. I had a great time with Valerie and Brittany shopping and cannot wait until the February AAOTH!

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