Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same...

So today is a big blogging day apparently!

Last night after Junior League general meeting I was driving around talking on the phone (BAD cell phone reception at my house) and happened to drive by the Wesley Foundation around 9:00, which happens to be when Vespers starts, I decided to stop by!

In I went. This was the first time I had been to Vespers since I graduated college in 2004. There was a change in directors during this time. The current director and I started college and at Wesley at the same time. The service was nice, the worship was nice, and overall it was about the same as I remember. A whole different group of students, but there was a familiarity to it: kind of like going home again.

At the end of the service I sat down with Janey, the Associate Director (who I have become friends with planning the CrossTimbers/BridgeView golf tournament), and some of the girls. They could have been my friends and me when I was in college. One of the girls has a relatively unhealthy (in a fun way!) crush on a certain OU football player. I have NO idea who she might be like from my group. [Insert whistling and looking around from me] I told fun stories of sitting in a certain class because a certain football player was in the class and even taking tests. (In my defense I was friends with the teacher, so I could do that and he thought it was funny.) There was the girl in the very serious relationship (they were married already and none of my friends got married until after graduation). There was the girl that was super involved with church outside of Wesley. There was the super cute girl who I can't really make specifically compare to anyone in our group personality wise, but she could have fit in!

Overall I ended up staying there talking and laughing until way too late at night. In a weird way it felt like visiting with my old college friends. It is funny how the faces have changed, but the little groups are exactly the same. The sermon was part one of two, so I will be going back for another little visit down memory lane next Tuesday (any college friends that want to come with me, come on! Pizza is at 8:30 (I think?) and Vespers at 9:00, which is REALLY late for this old lady!)

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