Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Heart Grad School

Tonight I had a great grad school moment. I walked out of class and talked to a couple of girls in my group in the hallway. We were talking about traveling and random stuff. Our professor walked past, went to his office with a couple of our classmates and then came back down. We ended up standing around talking (the four of us classmates and our professor) for about an hour after class. This is the kind of thing that I can never remember happening when I was in undergrad, but happens quite a bit in grad school. I just love it! It is exactly what I thought grad school always would be. (Granted my main view of grad school before I got there came from The Last Supper which is an awesome movie, lots of philosophical, world issue discussions, no murders though). That's all for tonight, but I just really love grad school! Crazy, huh?


  1. I miss having a classroom setting. This whole online school thing is very isolated.

  2. I'm in one online class and if I take one more in person I can take the rest online, but I really don't want to! I actually enjoy going to class. it is a sick and twisted thing!