Monday, October 25, 2010

Football Apocalypse

That is about the only way to describe college football this weekend. Here is how it went down:

We were walking around Affair of the Heart and I kept checking scores. Texas played Iowa State at 11:00, so the scores were coming in for that. I couldn't believe my eyes as the game progressed and the final score: 28-21 IOWA STATE! UT lost to ISU, at home. Wow.

Oklahoma State had their Homecoming game that day as well against Nebraska, with a kickoff of 2:30. Valerie is an OSU fan, so I kept her updated on the score, which was not all that great. They did lead, once. Pretty much that was the end of the leading. OSU fell to Nebraska 51-41. Not such a happy Homecoming.

I did not post anything about football until after OU's game (I didn't want to deal with the backlash if we lost and I was talking smack). Our game was not, well, pretty. We did not play well. We lost. Really we beat ourselves.

The most apocalyptic part of the day was at the end of the OU game when this came on the screen:

BAYLOR IS LEADING THE BIG TWELVE SOUTH! The only thing to be said about this is: WTF???

We dropped to number 11 in the polls and number 9 in the BCS.

There were lots of funny posts after all the games were played. Mine said something to the effect of: At least we won our Homecoming and at least we beat Iowa State at home.

Another funny one (paraphrased): If I was slated to be the #1 team this week I'd petition to stay #2!

I also put a disclaimer on my post that any negative comments would be deleted to not to waste your time!

My official stance now: I am the biggest bandwagon TCU Horned Frogs fan you can imagine! I hope they go all the way! (Unless of course everyone above us loses and we have a shot at the title!)

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  1. If Boise State and TCU end up playing for the Title I will jump out of my 31st floor window. What would be the point? Boise State makes me ill!