Monday, October 11, 2010

My Favorite Place on Campus...

I posted this on facebook earlier:  In my favorite place on OU's campus writing a paper...anyone know where I am?

These are the responses I got:

"The library the one with no books?"
"Reading room"
"I see you sitting on steps somewhere."
"Owen field"
"Student Union"
"The fountain between the admin building and the business school. Or the bulldozer next to the stadium. Or the phone booth on the south oval. Wait! The spoonholder!"

and the winning comment was..............

"The Great Reading Room" (Angela F. gets credit with "reading room" and Angela M. was close with "Library", Robin was not close with "Library with alcohol and no books"!)

I LOVE this place! This room, with its ridiculously high ceilings, huge tables to spread out on, beautiful architecture, is also called the Great Red Reading Room. The reason: all of the thesis's and dissertations are bound in red leather and line the walls. I have loved this place since my freshman year of college. I remember going there between classes with my discman to study (yes, I did just say discman). Now, the exciting part about this a little over a year MY thesis should be there too! How cool is that???

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  1. Nice! I love this room as well. Loved it in college and now it makes me think of something out of Harry Potter! Just love it!