Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chicken Dance=Chipotle?

Yes it does! :)

Yesterday was Homecoming at OU. I took my favorite guy: Sheldon Sechrist! Last week the poor little thing broke his elbow playing leap frog at Youth (not my youth group, I would like to mention), so he is in a soft cast for the time being. This kid LOVES his football, especially OU football. He was the natural choice to take to the Homecoming game. He was decked out in his OU finest, including sprayed red hair.

When we got to Campus Corner we were walking through and stopped at the Chipotle tent because they had a spinning wheel of prizes. He spun first and won chips and salsa. We were shooting for the "dinner for two" spot, so that we wouldn't have to pay for dinner that night. I spun and landed on "embarrassing dance". Well I thought that meant the guy on the other side of the table would dance for, no. I was supposed to do an embarrassing dance: UGH! Then he told me what I would win if I did: dinner for four! This included burritos, drinks and chips and guac! Heck yeah! I did a nice (and very quick) version of the chicken dance!

We went to the parade and stood with my friend Mindy from work and her kiddos. My complaint on the parade is this: the entries are too far apart, so it got a little bit boring. The theme of Homecoming this year was Sooner Magic. The floats were great (though in no way, shape or form do I miss doing all the Homecoming stuff from undergrad). My favorite was "Sam Bradford's Journey to the Heisman" with a model of his famous touchdown somersault from Bedlam 2008. Mindy and I agreed that this pose should be his Heisman statue! Who knows if they will do that, but I know a lot of Sooner faithful that would love it.

We met up with Kara and Kris after the parade. Kara was almost on time for the parade and early for the game! Yay! We had our burrito (bowls) and headed through Campus Corner toward the stadium. The radio guys (I guess they were radio guys, they had mikes and were all set up) outside of Louie's were doing "celebrity look alikes". Sweet Sheldon got caught as Eminem. They asked how he hurt his arm and he told them the real story. They made him come up with a better one: "I got in a fight with Chuck Norris with a beebee gun!"

The game was great: 52-0, just the way I like it. It is for certain that we do not like our "coach" neighbor. He did not approve of Kris standing up for the game and proceeded to complain about how the team was playing again. Even better news of the day: Ohio State (1) and Nebraska (5?) both lost, meaning OU bumped up to number three in both polls today. Yay! BCS comes out soon, so we'll see. OSU won. Yay, I guess. I know that we need them to be ranked as high as possible when we play them in order to help our cause, but I really hate when they win!

After the game was over we went to PassionBerri on the Corner for some froyo (yes I said "froyo" I like saying "froyo" deal with it :)). We listened to the Sports Animal broadcast for a few minutes and really only heard them talking about their daughters and putting colored streaks in their hair. I ran into my elementary/middle/high school friend Drew and his dad and caught up for a bit. Drew played in The Pride (OU's band) and is now the band director at Pauls Valley High School. I went for Landon's game against PVHS last week and got to see Drew's band. They are awesome!

That's about all for the excitement that is OU Homecoming. :)

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