Wednesday, October 13, 2010


We had an earthquake today!

The day started with the preparation for the director of the division that I work for coming to visit. I managed to get my “cubbie” all cleaned up and nice and neat, except for a stack of docking stations just around the corner from my desk. I loaded them up on a cart and took them to my storage area (which is a wee bit full following our office merge). I left the room and walked to my friend Brianne’s desk.

All of a sudden, the building started to shake. I live in Oklahoma; earthquake was NOT at the forefront of my mind as to what the rumble could have been. I thought that the two huge metal cabinets that I have full of computer equipment had fallen to the floor (a thought I did not like because I would then have to clean up the mess before the director got there). A mass exodus then began to get out of the building (avoiding the elevator, of course!). Half the office grabbed car keys and purses and headed out of the building. I headed out of the building too, because we thought maybe a truck had ran into the building. (Again, I live in Oklahoma, we do not have earthquakes; well not ones that you can feel at least.) After our county director went to the fairgrounds to see if they felt it too the texts, calls, facebook posts, etc. started to come in that others felt it and indeed: we had an earthquake!

The official stats:
The United States Geological Survey has reported a 4.3 magnitude earthquake 6 miles to the east of Norman, OK.

On facebook there were reports of feeling it in Tulsa, Ada, Yukon, even down south near Ardmore and up towards Kansas. I even heard a coworker talking to someone on the phone who said they felt it in Tennessee. I don’t know much about earthquakes, but that seemed a little far fetched. Oh well.

It was my first earthquake, or at least the first one I felt. People freaked out. I wish I had known what it was when it happened, maybe I would have freaked out a bit more, though I doubt it, natural disasters don’t generally freak me out.

Happy earthquake day!!!

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