Monday, April 4, 2011

Miss Elizabeth

Or Eby as I am bound and determined to call her! My beautiful friend Mary and her wonderful husband Patrick welcomed their beautiful daughter, Elizabeth Lynn, to the world February 16. I have been so overwhelmed with everything that these never got posted! (Though they did make it to my facebook page!) I was honored by photographing her for her first photo shoot when she was about 28 hours old! (I also did some when she was 8 days old, but I don't have them back yet.)

Photography is one of my passions in life, though I don't get to do it nearly as much as I like. I am a stubborn, stubborn girl who does not like technology (yeah THAT makes sense considering I work in the IT field). At any rate I still shoot in 35 mm and love it. Here are a few from the first shoot. Enjoy!

the tag says it all

pretty feathers

mommy and daddy's rings

a girl after my own heart - she grabbed onto the pearls and would not let go!

cute tushy!

Mary and I love Tiffany's!

her first Tiffany's bag! (okay it was my bag and Mary's bracelet, but nonetheless)

a bit more artistic

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