Friday, April 29, 2011

Thirty Days: Day 17

a photo of somewhere you've been

I bet everyone thought I was going to post a New York picture! In 2002 I went to Hawaii for a week. Most people when going to a tropical paradise want to spend as many hours as possible on the beach, but not me. I had two things on the agenda: Pearl Harbor and Lilo and Stitch. Pearl Harbor was appealing because I am a big history buff (have a degree in it and all). Lilo and Stitch just looked like a great movie. Plus it was opening the weekend that we were there. I did miss the premier by two days (it was on Tuesday and we arrived on Thursday). Boo. It was still great. If you haven't seen Lilo and Stitch you should check it out, it has a great story. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole trip. I even looked into grad school there. Alas it didn't happen, but I look forward to going again!

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