Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thirty Days: Day 14

someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why

Leigh Anne Tuohy

Hands down, no questions asked. I adore this woman and everything she stands for. She has done so many wonderful things for the world and I pray I can do half as much as she's done. Not to mention she has published a book, which is one of my goals in life. I was blessed to have met her last fall, which afterwards I cried for a few hours because I felt like I was doing nothing and she'd done so much. Luckily I have a wonderful best friend that talked me off the ledge and reminded me that I will do great things like her, but I am laying a foundation for that right now. I don't generally look up to people very much, I kind of see everyone as on an even playing field. Leigh Anne Tuohy is someone I aspire to be like.

Also if I really got to trade places with her for a day I would right a hefty check to my non profit! (Hopefully while she was me she would see the good things that I want to do and would continue to write those checks when she got back to being her!)

(or Jill Goodacre so I could make out with Harry Connick, Jr. for a day and have him sing just to me!)

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