Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thirty Days: Day 7

your dream wedding

For the longest time I had my wedding all planned:

In Ardmore at my home church and reception somewhere down there.

Then I saw Sex and the City and changed and wanted to get married at Wesley UMC in OKC (because it’s pretty) and have the reception at the Petroleum Club.

Well that got vetoed by a few people when I actually tried to plan a wedding, so it was going to be at Goodrich UMC and the reception at the postal training center in Norman (ps I was never happy with that).

Now two years later here are my three possible scenarios for a wedding:

Destination: on a beach somewhere, come home and have a reception in the backyard.

Church: big wedding at a church (probably McFarlin UMC) then reception in the backyard.

Formal: small wedding and reception at the Skirvin in the Venetian Room on the top floor, plated dinner, then a huge reception in the backyard a few weeks later.

my pretty backyard makes an appearance in all three :)
I think it’s good that I don’t have complete set expectations anymore (hopefully less arguments when the time does come). Regardless I want the people that mean the most to me to be with me and that is the most important part (oh and the photography and having a photobooth :))

I guess it will also depend on who I marry!

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