Tuesday, May 10, 2011

End of an Era

I went to Ardmore the other day and came into town on Broadway. I was shocked to see this:

Yes that is an empty lot. What used to stand there was the Carmike 5 movie theatre. A few years ago they built the new Carmike 8 (I know, big town, huh?) and the Carmike 5 was a dollar theatre for a little while. Soon, though, they closed it, so I guess at some point in time we all knew that it was coming down eventually, but I guess I hadn't really thought about it.

Seeing that empty lot made a whole lot of memories come flooding back:

  • Home Alone 2 with Lexi when she was home from Indiana
  • Clueless two or three times
  • Hunchback of Notre Dame with Crystal, the first time we got to all on our own for a whole afternoon
  • Now and Then
  • Scream, first date
  • Mr. 3000, first date
  • Titanic 3 times
  • Armageddon, cried like a baby with Heather
  • Wild, Wild West, my first midnight show
  • Cruel Intentions
  • Night at the Roxbury, when I would have demanded my money back, had I paid!
  • You've Got Mail (I think) on a first date, where we got in free and the guy was WAY confused!
  • Varsity Blues, which I didn't thoroughly appreciate until years later
  • Dr. Doolittle 2, with Haley when, at 20, I got in for the kid's price, with car keys in my hands, and btw she wasn't the kid's age either
  • Austin Powers: Goldfinger, after the last show of Annie
  • Harry Potter 3, where Haley made out with the cute exchange student
I'm sure there are plenty more, but those are the ones I can think of! Goodbye Carmike 5! Lots of great memories!

I found a picture of it online! :)

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