Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thirty Days: Day 28

something you don't leave the house without

Yes that is my ear. More specifically to this blog post is the earring in the previously mentioned ear.

I'm sure many of you when thinking "what does Wendy never leave the house with out?" would say cell phone (or some expletives regarding my phone), but I wrote a post on that a few weeks ago, so I thought I'd change it up from the obvious.

Then I got to thinking about, what do I never leave the house without? After wracking my brain for a bit on my way to Ardmore the other day I came up with this particular earring.

The only time I ever take it out is when I get my hair cut so it is always with me. When Crystal and I were in seventh or eighth grade we decided we wanted to get a second hole in both ears. Immediately upon asking both moms said NO. So that was out.

Well then I turned 18! I could do what I wanted! Some people get tattoos, but I'm not very tattoo-y, so yeah that was certainly out. I turned 18 in August and didn't get "pierced" until January. I think it was January 18. I know it was a Tuesday and I had just started dating a new guy over the weekend and he was coming to visit that night and go to Vespers at the Wesley Foundation with me.

My friends Kim and Abby went with me. Kim got a second hole in both ears and Abby got the top hole like I did. It didn't really hurt. Unless you were Kim and I was squeezing the living daylights out of your hand while telling EVERYTHING I could about this guy!

That night the guy came and visited and we went to one of his friend's apartments. Little did I know what a significant event THAT would turn out to be!

At that point it was still just a stud, which I'm sure I have around somewhere. Sometime in April, specifically Mom's Day weekend, I switched to the hoop and it has been the hoop ever since!

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