Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pomp and Circumstance: Some Observations

Today one of my favorite people in the world graduated college. I can hardly believe that she is old enough to be a college graduate, but she is. It seems like just yesterday I was being dragged through a wedding reception to get cake. That was 14 years, four graduations, lots of hours of studying, too many tests, countless all nighters, hundreds of thousands of words written in papers, and too many tears to count, entirely too much alcohol and debauchery later.

Haley graduated with a degree in Letters today. That's a part of the College of Arts and Sciences. The College of Arts and Sciences is the largest college at OU. What exactly does that mean? It is a REALLY long ceremony. Haley was in about the second row, so after she walked I was a little bit bored and my phone wouldn't work to play on facebook or anythings, so I just jotted down some observations on the day:
  • Prior to my graduation next year I need to acquire some loud friends
  • Around 11:55 I started to wonder if I really wanted to sit through this for a 4th time (I REALLY love you Mary and Haley!)
  • Why didn't I know about multidisciplinary studies?
  • Didn't Longar Longar play basketball like 10 years ago? At least he graduated... (I looked this one up just now and he played from 2004-2008, so good for him for coming back and finishing his degree)
  • There are lots of blonde zoology grads (stereotyping, but that really surprised me)
  • NO ONE looks good in a cap and gown
  • But it looks better if you have lots of flair
  • Bring extra batteries (my camera died just before they walked out, which really sucked because I had a GREAT seat for picture taking)
  • If I get a Ph.D. it must be from a smaller college
  • Don't get in line by someone with a military title...your name will sound pitiful
  • They put the name cards on a string...I guess so they don't lose them...I think that's smart
  • Cell phones work about as well in Lloyd Noble for graduation as they do at any sporting event, which is not well
  • I think people have started telling me things start 30 minutes earlier than they do so I make it on time (I thought it started at 10:00 and rushed back from Ardmore to make it on time, but thank you for that)
  • I wish my last name was Aha (yes I just heard that for real)
  • When (if) I walk I'm decorating my hat this time and sending a picture of it to James Meece and Shirley Morgan (long story from my high school graduation, I'll tell that story some time)
  • At least the rows get shorter as you go farther back
  • What degree do I have to get to get the nifty robe and the neat beret?
  • My favorite hat said "hire me" not real original, but oh well
  • When you put your cap on the crown of your head so you can see your bangs and it's at a weird angle it looks DUMB
  • I don't like mohawks on anyone, however they are tolerable on kids; they are completely inappropriate if you have wrinkles
  • Football players DO graduate...even if it's sociology...congrats Austin Box, Quentin Carter and Travis Lewis
  • I hope someone loves me enough to have a congrats banner printed for me (not really)
  • Traditional ethnic attire scares me (sorry if that's not PC)
  • A lot of attire I saw today, period, scared me
  • If you get to convocation 50 minutes early you get great parking and your choice of seats
Again, my camera didn't work, so this is the best picture I could get with my cell phone. Congratulations pretty girl! I love you!

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  1. A&S convocation is realllly long, that was mine last year. But the good news for PhD people - they walk at commencement the night before, so no need to attend the convocation the next day (just undergrad & masters!). Multidisciplinary has been really growing recently and was almost unheard of just 2-3 years ago, so that's probably why you didn't know about it. It wasn't actually common until last year, and it's still tiny. Oh, and I'm pretty sure PhD grads get the robes with bars and the plush hats! I found out this week that even though I'm graduating from a smaller college with my masters next year, my new school combines colleges so it'll be just as long. Boo.