Friday, May 13, 2011

Thirty Days: Day 29

a photo of something that means a lot to you

Yes that is a photo of my childhood blanket and stuffed animal. Even with all the nice and meaningful jewelry and other stuff that I have these two reign supreme in importance.

The blanket is affectionately named Doggie Blanket. I don't really remember when I got it, but I know it was a Christmas gift from my grandmother (dad's mom). However it was not a gift to me, it was for my mom. At some point I swiped it and it has been one of my go to comfort items ever since. To replace it Nana got my mom Kitty Blanket, but it was never the right texture to be quite right, so she got to keep it! Doggie Blanket is warm and super soft from many years of use. I'm not really sure what the texture is, but it was before the days of fleece blankets. It has pilled very little, so it is still in perfect condition and the perfect thing to curl up in on the couch or in bed on a cold night.

The stuffed animal is Maybelle Moo-Cow. Growing up I only had two grandmothers, neither of which were very "grandmotherly" and neither of which lived close to me. Because of this I took to "adopting" relatives (this is a practice I still do and from time to time you'll see references to the "sister like" person or "nieces and nephews"). Jim and Maxine Trail were my adopted grandparents in Ardmore (Charlie and Teddie Jo Cundiff were my adopted grandparents when we traveled for business). When I was in about fourth grade Jim was in the hospital in Oklahoma City for something, for quite a little bit of time. We went up to visit him and someone had gotten him this very same cow to have for company in the hospital. Her name was Clarabelle. I guess I like the cow and mentioned it or something because for my next birthday they got me this cow. I named her Maybelle, no idea why, I guess it was a very "cowy" sounding name to me.

Both of these items have been hauled all over creation, though Maybelle's traveling days stopped a little bit earlier than Doggie Blanket's because it is fine to haul around a thick blanket, but you have to do a little more explaining with a stuffed animal as you get older. :)

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