Saturday, May 7, 2011

In the Future...

I have a paper to write, which is causing me problems, so instead I turn to my blog. Hey, I'm writing something! Maybe it will get the fingers going and ready for typing the 10-12 page paper that I have to hammer out today!

At any rate, all of my friends read this and realize that I mean it:
When I am pregnant, the first (well second, third, fourth, fifth, etc) person that uses the "words" (I use quotes because they are NOT words) "preggo" or "preggers" to describe me or my condition will be immediately punched in the face. I will use the excuse of hormones because I am PREGNANT to justify this, however it will happen. Prepare yourself.
Okay that is all.

Well I'm sure it's not because I'm sure something else will pop into my head that I need to talk about to distract me from this paper, so this may be a heavy blog day! ;)

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