Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thirty Days: Day 25

someone you see yourself marrying in the future

I guess we'll do this from a fun perspective and not from a super serious one. Here is my grocery list of characistics for a future husband (please keep in mind that this is for fun and is not serious, for the most part ;) though there is some truth in it and some are more negotiable than others!):

  • Methodist
  • Christian Man
  • Christian Father
  • OU Fan
  • Democrat
  • Chevy guy
  • Yankees Fan
  • Celtics Fan
  • Taller than me
  • Athletic
  • Can sing
  • Married parents
  • Good credit
  • Good with money
  • Career not a job
  • Degree from OU (minimum bachelor’s)
  • Wants kids
  • Trust Fund

and a little more specific:

Amazing husband potential

-No cheating
-Interested in the things I am
-Willing to support me in the things I do
-Won’t complain about Junior League stuff

Amazing father potential
-Willing to not only go to church, but to be involved

Cheerful giver
-Wants to help the world like I do, and will support me in doing that
-Willing to let me have the spotlight
-Must be confident and sure in himself, so that when I shine he will not be jealous and it will not make him feel insecure

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