Monday, May 2, 2011

Thirty Days: Day 20

15 facts about you

1. I am a full time grad student
2. I work full time
3. I lead a youth group
4. I am a founding member of my church
5. I am a member of the Junior League of Norman
6. I am double placed next year for JLN: Done in a Day chair and Action Learning Team rep
7. After this semester (over on May 8!) I only have 12 hours left and I will be done with my Masters
8. Those 12 hours will take another year
9. I'm not very good at saying no to things
10. The pool makes me sad these days
11. I love taking pictures
12. My life is beyond scheduled and sometimes my friends don't understand that
13. I love to write
14. I love to read
15. I have recently become OBSESSED with the ins and outs of the British Royal family

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