Saturday, June 18, 2011

What the Hail?!?!?!?!?

I got off work Tuesday and went appliance shopping (I'm going to get all new kitchen appliances in the next six months or so, thus I was scouting prices and styles and such). On my way home I got hit by a sprinkle or two, no big I thought.

I came home and was eating dinner and checking in on blogs and writing a little bit and all of a sudden it sounded like someone was shooting at me. It was not gunshots, but HAIL. And I don't mean a little bit. I ran out to the front yard and crammed the car in the garage. This is what it looked like (my picture didn't turn out, so I'm stealing my friend Brianne's, but it was the same thing here):

Imagine that all over the yard. It looked like it snowed. It was CRAZY. The storm came so fast. Apparently they called it a "microblast". I'm still not ruling out a little tornado. A friend shared this video from youtube shows what we were up against, watch how quickly it comes and goes and look at the damage in that time frame.

I generally bring my outside dog in when it is storming, but this happened SO fast that it did not happen. She was smart enough to get under the storage building and as soon as I could get outside to get her I did. I heard her whining and crying and just knew she had been hit by something or was stuck under the tree that fell. She was fine though, just a little (okay a lot) scared, however she got to come in and spend the next day in the house, so I'm pretty sure she ended up happy.

After the storm I went to check the damage (didn't have much else to do because the electricity was off by this point). I had one tree split:

And part of my bamboo privacy shade on the north side fell. Luckily the fence was fine, but the zip ties were ripped off (I fixed that today and we're good to go). When I went out the front to check on the fence my neighbor to the south asked if I had seen the neighbor to the north's damage. I hadn't, but here it is:

There is a car under that tree. They haven't done much on the clean up effort because the tree is still sitting there four days later. Oh well. I'm sure they'll get a nasty gram from the city.

Here is the damage I had, well not damage, but the pool was a WRECK:

All of that green is leaves from the massive trees in my backyard. It was crazy the amount that fell in such a short time. And yes it was still raining when I went outside and took pictures.

This is my poor sad pool. All the dark stuff you can see in the pool are leaves; hundreds of thousands of leaves. Before this happened it was PERFECT (well there was a little dirt that I was going to vacuum the next day, needless to say I did more than that!).

I cleared most of the stuff off the top that night. (The power was out, what else did I have to do?)

This was the morning after. Still lots and lots of leaves in the pool.

I got my power back around 1:30 am, which was very, very lucky. There were downed power lines about a mile from me that kept the road closed for two days. The next morning I was awoken by a call that said our office was closed, but on standby because we had no power. I only live about a mile from the office, so I was quite surprised by this. The office didn't get power back until around 11:30 on Thursday (storm happened Tuesday) and it blew off part of the roof and destroyed seven out of eight air conditioning units, so it was a little toasty in there.

As for the pool...see Pool Saga 2011: Part Four

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