Sunday, June 26, 2011

Movie Challenge: Day 29

a movie set in your favorite city

One Fine Day

I heart NY. For real. This should be pretty evident in most things that I write. Literally the last three vacations I have taken have been to NYC. Besides the fact that I want to go to Italy, England, France, Ireland and Scotland I pretty much would go to NYC for every vacation. One Fine Day came out when I was a freshman in high school (or maybe a sophomore, I don't remember when during the year it came out). Can you really go wrong with anything that involves George Clooney? I think not! It is a great movie. The kids are adorable! (Though they are all grown up now) This movie was the first time I had heard of Serendipity, though it wasn't really highlighted it was there. They spend the whole day all over New York and the story is just cute. I also LOVE Michelle Pfeiffer's hair in it, though my hair dresser wouldn't do it to my hair! :( I also wanted that bad she had; it had EVERYTHING in it! My freshman year of college the soundtrack was the only thing I listened to when I was studying, and now that I'm working on my Masters it still is! For some reason it just puts me in a studying mood (I also listen to the Serendipity soundtrack). Overall it is still one of my favorites.

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