Monday, June 13, 2011

Movie Challenge: Day 16

a movie that you used to hate but now love

Varsity Blues
I initially saw this movie in early 1999, my senior year. Our group of guy friends dragged us and I didn't protest too much because James Van Der Beek was in it and I loved Dawson's Creek at the time (heck I still do!). At the end of the movie I was NOT impressed. This was before I liked football, in fact I hated it at the time. I could not believe that a school and town would devote itself so much to some silly sport. I did, however, LOVE the soundtrack and my favorite song ever (Run by Collective Soul) is off of that soundtrack.
The following fall I came home from my freshman year of college to visit my best friend (who was a senior in high school) who had transferred to a small school system east of our town, Dickson. I had several friends from church that were cheerleaders and they all were dating football players. After being at a game with them I realized Varsity Blues wasn't so far out of the realm of reality.
In the end I came to love the movie (and football for that matter).

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