Friday, June 3, 2011

A Lot Can Happen in Two Weeks

To say that the last two weeks have been challenging would be an understatement. Many things have gone on and I cannot believe how both quickly and slowly they have moved. I am preparing to write about three of these events, though there are countless others that I am refraining from commenting on. Let's just say I am focusing on the positive rather than dwelling on the negative.

One thing has has happened that I will mention here is that I found an amazing blog. Her name is Whitney and she's an OU alum. It is called Fairytale Beginnings and you can check it out here. She is witty and funny and a great writer, not to mention she has an amazing story that, at times, will leave you looking for affection and a cold shower. It is also neat to read about things such as OU/Texas weekend and Walker Tower and know exactly what she's talking about because I've been there too. I've rather enjoyed reading from another Sooner!

Reading this blog (and you have to start from the beginning, no starting in the middle!) has made me think about relationships and what I want in one and when I want one. There may be a blog post about that, but I might keep it to myself, time will tell on that one. Go check her out, the blog is well worth your time!

I have about a week and a half before summer school starts (only one online class that I'm really interested in) and the pool is almost ready (well it has no liner in it at all, but that is a step in the right direction, more on that when it is totally done) so I'm hoping to get some writing in and then a lot of laying out and reading done for the summer. I'm planning on this being one of the best summers ever, so I'm ready to get things started.

Now off to write my three posts about how the last two weeks have changed my life, or at least made me grateful for where I am in my life, who I share my life with and all that fun stuff.

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