Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Movie Challenge: Day 25

a movie that you love that someone made you watch

If Lucy Fell

This is another one I can blame Katie for! There is nothing about this movie I don't love. The cast is great, the story is great, the location is great, overall it is just great. It showcases NYC, which I love, and it goes to some of my favorite places. It has some of the best quotes ("You know, I sort of like this dating thing, I'm sort of getting the things here. What I do is, sit back and watch as these strange men try to impress you in weird and stupid ways and then... and then you pick the least disgusting one, I guess.") Plus there is Calendar Day! I always loved Calendar Day! Not to mention the soundtrack is great too. All the songs are by Marry Me Jane and they are amazing. One of my favorites! Thanks Katie!
(Although the premise of the movie is that they are supposed to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge when she turns 30 if they aren't married...I turn 30 in about a month...uh oh.........................)

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